History & Background

Equity Real Estate Corporation, one of the Equity Companies, was created to provide a independent approach to the management of commercial office space in the early eighties. At that time the Equity Companies were active in the development and acquisition of commercial office projects.

At the same time, it became apparent that many of the firm’s investor clients were not as well served as they hoped to be by their local real estate communities. Many of these investors felt uncomfortable with traditional residential practices at the time, preferring to remain as anonymous as possible during the course of the transaction. Equity Real Estate Corporation provided a convenient and economical method of achieving that goal.

As buyer representation became a more common practice, the firm began to concentrate on the needs of equity investors and asset management of commercial properties. Property Management and leasing are the backbone of any commercial investment. There are many capable firms providing these services. It is in the area of asset management that most equity investors found a deficiency of service.

Equity Real Estate Corporation asset management service is focused on the management on the entity that owns the income producing assets. Management of the entity includes finance, performance evaluation of property management, performance evaluation of leasing, strategic position in the market with respect to tenant mix, negation and planning for major repairs and expansions with design and construction professionals and planning for the disposition of the property in order to achieve the optimum results.

Real Estate investment has become a popular vehicle in the early years of the new millennium. Many factors contributed to this and as many will contribute to its unpopularity. Since its creation in 1982, Equity Real Estate has witnessed several booms and recessions in the commercial real estate industry. No doubt it will be a witness to more. Its mission is to assist its clients in making wise investment decisions to acquire, enhance, and dispose of properties within the framework of this proven cyclical industry.

And while no one, even those with considerable experience, can predict the future, the best prepared investor is the one who is seldom totally surprised. Equity Real Estate Corporation serves to inform and guide the investor in the most prudent and productive management of its real estate assets.



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