Growth CapitalTM

Most lenders, especially banks, have a limited definition of collateral that can be converted to capital. They are highly regulated and risk adverse. By necessity their view is what happens if the business fails. GrowthCapitalTM on the other hand has the view of what happens if the business succeeds.

Using our years of experience ECC looks at the company in question and examines the positive aspects of the business to showcase the potential, and highlight the past successes of the client. This leads to certain types of funding potentially becoming available.

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EquiNet Referring Member

Over the years the Equity Capital Corporation has realised that transactions are more likely to be successful if companies approach the process with an experienced advisor. Our EquiNet Referring Members (ERMs) are standing by to advise you on they types of financing available to you through the Equity Companies. This initial consultation is without charge. To have an EquiNet Referring Member contact you, please fill in the form below.

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