EquiDebtTM provides financing for business acquisitions, mergers, the buying out of other owners’ interest, working capital and funds for expansion. This product is based around two things:

  • Adequate Cash Flow - This is the dominant underwriting criteria. Debt Service Coverage Ratios (DSCR) should be in excess of 125% of the debt service on an EquiDebtTM Loan.
  • Asset Value - Understanding what can affect appraisals, allow ECC to properly inform third party appraisers of the facts, to allow them to make an appraisal that takes into account the particulars of your company, and its location.

The EquiDebt program is used when dealing with Real Estate based financing:

Of note as well, with the EquiDebt plan is the requirement for the property in question to be owner occupied. Mixed use properties can be financed under this program, but purely commercial residential properties can not.

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